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Bell City UMC Born Again Store


From the Bell City UMC website: The name of the store reflects both who we are and what we do. The mission store was “born” through Bible studies and Visioning Team meetings at Bell City United Methodist Church. The Church wants to continue to grow in local mission work and give back to the community, thus Born Again was created.The store accepts donated items. Some of the items are new, some have been lovingly used, but as they find a new home, they are truly Born Again, just as we in our walk with God, are Born Again.The items in the store are sold at garage sale type prices and anyone can shop at Born Again. All the proceeds from the sale of items in the store are put back into the United Methodist Women’s Mission Fund and those dollars are used locally to assist with utilities, groceries, medicine, and other needs we are made aware of. Assistance is not based upon church membership at Bell City UMC or any other church, but upon the need of others for a helping hand during tough times.