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The Office of Creative Ministries

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Volunteers in Mission
Each year hundreds of Missouri United Methodists of all ages feel called by God to respond to the human needs of the world by offering themselves as volunteers in mission.  They give of their time, often vacation time, and for the most part pay their own way to volunteer in a mission project somewhere in Missouri, the United States or the World.  As such they become missionaries of the United Methodist Church.
Festival of Sharing
The Festival of Sharing is held each year at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri, on the third Saturday of October.  Mini festivals are also held in other places in the state.  Throughout the year churches from about 20 different denominations gather material goods and money for the poor and hungry of Missouri and the world.  The resources are brought to Sedalia the morning of the Festival of Sharing.  In the afternoon food pantries, children’s homes, women’s shelter, and other agencies line up to receive the gift of love and distribute them throughout the state and the world.  Over a million dollars of cash and material goods are distributed each year.
Dental Health, Children
Several years ago United Methodist’s in Missouri became aware that the number one health problem of children in Missouri was oral health.  There are children in Missouri suffering from chronic tooth pain for whom there is no dental services.  They cope with pain that adults will not tolerate.  This ministry seeks to eliminate this number one health problem through education, legislation, gathering and distribution of dental kits and assistance to dentist who offer their services to children who need care but can not afford to pay for it.
Heifer International
Heifer International is an amazing program through which impoverished families not only receive gifts of animals but are then given the opportunity to help out other impoverished families as well.  Through the program impoverished families receive the gift of some animals (like male and female goats).  They also receive support and education about caring for and breeding their animals.  During an impressive ceremony called “the passing on of the gift” the families who receive animals pass on the first offspring of their animals to other impoverished families.  Like the energizer bunny the gifts you give through Heifer International just keep on giving and giving and…..
Disaster Response
It is not a matter of “if” a natural disaster will strike Missouri but “when”.   Therefore, the Office of Creative Ministries has been charge with the responsibility of disaster preparedness and disaster response.  The Conference Disaster Response Coordinator and the Director of the Office of Creative Ministries work on an ongoing basis with a network of district disaster response coordinators to become as prepared as possible.
Society of St. Andrew
The Society of St. Andrew is a non-profit ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to fighting hunger in our nation and the world.  The Society works primarily to salvage fresh produce that would otherwise to go waste and deliver it to people in need.  The ministries of the Society of St. Andrew deliver food to the nation’s hunger at a cost of about two cents per serving.  Joe Bartelsmeyer, on the Office of Creative Ministries staff serves as the Missouri representative for the Society of St. Andrew.
Christianson Native Craft Festival
The Christian Native Craft Festival is a family oriented church camp where participants learn the time honored native crafts of Missouri.  Skilled crafts persons conduct classes for all ages.  The Craft Festival is held at the Shannondale Campground just south of Rolla, Missouri, on the first week of August each year.
The Wardrobe, Hayti, Missouri
Because of the great need in the boot heel area of Missouri, the Office of Creative Ministry runs a food and clothing distribution center in Hayti, Missouri.  Irmgard Jones has run the Wardrobe operation faithfully for 28 years.