Diet for Obese Children

In this article we will approach the problem of childhood obesity, some tips for parents of obese children and also a diet for obese children, with different menus for each day of the week. Everything to correct eating habits and help children recover from their weight.

Childhood Obesity:

Childhood obesity is one of the most common problems of "malnutrition" in developed countries. The presence of obesity in school children ranges between 7% and 10%.

Traditionally it was thought that childhood obesity depends primarily a genetic factor, however, recent studies indicate that other factors predisposing to display obesity in children.

Some of the daily activities like going to school by bus, or take the lift fact, participation in extracurricular activities sedentary (crafts, languages, ..), or excessive hours of television or man1 man oil video games, make the child is introduced to a sedentary lifestyle, look man1 man oil.

There is another important factor is parental attitudes toward food, often the child's family likes this coma, gives them some satisfaction seeing the child eat his plate just seems that a child "plump" is sign of health, however a thin child seems a sign of weakness, or slack but this; increasingly shown to be a misconception.

Tips For An Obese Child:

It is important that when parents go grocery shopping not to buy foods that provide empty calories, ie foods that provide calories and zero nutrients, an example of this are the treats and goodies, too bakery products, sweets , candy, etc..
Instead it is preferable to introduce fruits and low-fat dairy (which provide the same nutrients and less fat). It is important to prepare the child a good breakfast as it is the first meal of the day is the one to provide energy for the morning and improve children's school performance.
Also important is the way you cook food, you should forgo the fried and instead opt for a healthier kitchen, cooked food from grilled, boiled, roasted, etc..
We must try to introduce the consumption of vegetables and fruits. For this we start by mixing small amounts of vegetables with different foods that disguise their presence: colored salad (pasta, tomato, corn, ..), vegetable pizza, fish cakes with tomato and grated carrot, spinach omelette :
It is convenient to get them used to chew slowly and leave the table without feeling hungry, to avoid a bite between meals.
For all this, it is very important that both parents at home, and educators in the school canteen, change the nutritional habits of children by providing balanced diets.

Here we propose an example of what would be a weight loss diet, designed for children from age 6 school age who present a problem of overweight or obese children.