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Craft Festival

Christianson Native Craft Festival

July 30-August 4, 2006

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Click on a picture below to see some of the over 30 crafts taught each year.

Here are some pictures of the 2006 Craft Festival.
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Thirty-one years ago, Frances Christianson (member of First United Methodist Church, Rolla), some other United Methodists, and the Missouri Area Office of Creative Ministries created a unique opportunity for Christian fellowship that is still going strong today.

The Christianson Native Craft Workshop is held the first week of August each year at Shannondale Community Center, 24 miles south of Salem, Missouri, on Highway 19.  Around 200 persons gather each to learn how to make split oak baskets, spin wool into yarn, quilt, tat, knot, crochet, make wooden spoons, construct water-tight oak buckets, cane chairs, make old-time music, and/or participate in classes in many, many more other crafts.  Some attendees float, tube and swim in the nearby Current River.  In the evenings they enjoy events like a talent show, a sheep shearing and pie auction, and an art auction.  Each day begins and ends with Morning Watch and Evening Vespers.

Participants rave about the experience. Comments like “the best week of my year,” “just like a family reunion for us,” and “some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet” are common.

This event is sponsored by the Office of Creative Ministries. (Office of Creative Ministries, 3009 David Drive, Columbia, MO 65202, 573-474-7155.)