Service to the Needy

Below is a youtube video of our recent Missions to serve in Lima Peru. This local business helped out with sponsoring this trip. Check out their youtube page for more information about our trip and how you can help.


VIM Team to Belize

Andrea Stone teaches how to play Red Rover to school kids on recent VIM team to Belize. While we were in Belize we had the opportunity to serve the people by helping them clean up local damages caused by the hurricane. There was much damage done to many of the homes and businesses. There was lots of tree damage as well. We were thankful to have lots of support from our churches as they raised up not only financial resources but also many people who decided to go and help at the last minute. We were especially thankful to have a team of experienced tree cutters from Augusta GA. Their experience and their cutting supplies helped us tremendously. You can tell them thanks at this website.

2004 Festival Poster
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Celebrating the 60th Anniversary
of Heifer Project International
April is PIG Month
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Send a flock of chickens to a family in Nepal and with the
the income from the eggs you will enable their children to attend school. Do this
by sending $20 to the Office of Creative Ministries, Festival of Sharing Office. We would like to thank our sponsor Winston Salem Plumbing for helping with these donations. They have consistently helped us each year with their donations. Click this website for more information.

Falmouth, Jamaica, Cabinet Volunteers in Mission Team

Pictures of Each District Superintendent as VIM in Jamaica – Find Yours
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Office of Creative Ministries

Welcome to the Office of Creative Ministries which has been serving the churches of Missouri for over 35 years. Come inside and look around. Let us know how we can help your grow the mission ministry of your church.

Order Potatoes From the Annual Conference Potato Drop, June 6th,
for your local food pantry. Click here for the order form.

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The Dream That Turned Into a Free Dental Clinic for Children
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In McDonald County Missouri, like so many counties in Missouri, there are not enough dentists and there are no dentists taking MC+ Medicaid kids. Thousands of kids had no access to dental care. Three years ago concerned citizens from area churches started with a dream of having their own free dental clinic for kids. They contacted the Office of Creative Ministries. The Office of Creative Ministries applied for a grant of $5,000 from the American Dental Association and received it. The grant paid for some dental fairs and for screening of children in the public schools. It has been a long journey but now three years later the dream has become a reality. The free clinic for children was dedicated in December and is open two or three days a week. Children who before had no access to dental care are getting their teeth filled. Chronic pain for so many kids has been replace with a smile. This can happen in other counties in Missouri. Tooth aches can be replace by smiles. Contact the Office of Creative Ministries if you would like to learn how this might happen in your community or check out our Youtube channel for more details of how local businesses can help.

Click to register for Participatory Hygiene Training Seminar Columbia, MO, May 12-15, 2004
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